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Lipa City is one among the three cities in the province of Batangas, Philippines (the others being Batangas City and the City of Tanauan). It is situated 78 kilometers south of Manila. According to the latest census, it has a population of 260,558 inhabitants in 41,962 households.


Lipa City is bounded by the town of Santo Tomas in the northeast, San Pablo City of Laguna and San Antonio of Quezon in the east, the municipalities of Padre Garcia and Rosario in the southeast, the municipalities of Ibaan and San Jose in the southwest, the municipalities of Cuenca and Mataasnskahoy and Taal Lake in the west and the municipalities of Balete and Malvar in the northwest.


Lipa City’s location, in a valley between Mount Malarayat and Mount Makulot, makes it a low-risk area. These two mountains serve as a windbreaker in times of typhoon. Mount Makulot at the western portion also served as a shield of the city in times of eruption of Taal Volcano.


The Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR) and South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) provide convenient access to Batangas City and Metro Manila.

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Spanish missionaries first set foot in Batangas City in 1572. The settlement was founded in 1581 and named “Batangan” because of the numerous big logs that abounded the Calumpang River. The logs were called “batang” by the natives who settled near the river and called the settlement “Batangan”. This name was modified and became Batangas in 1601. Don Agustin Casilao was appointed as the first Gobernadorcillo. Since 1754, the city has been the capital and administrative center of the province. Batangas became a city in 1969.

The city has a great industry because of the city’s important harbor and fast connection to Metro Manila.

Batangas is surrounded by great beaches and has ferry connection to Puerto Galera, a lovely Irland for the perfect weekend trip, easy for people living in Batangas, the combination of plenty of well-paid jobs, nature, and the sea is probably the reason for our grows in that area. 


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